traduccion de marcas comerciales marketing

Why Translation is Important in Marketing

Just as a good marketing strategy is key to a brand’s success, so too is it of the utmost importance that companies wanting to reach international markets develop an internationalization strategy in which their campaigns are translated into other languages. In today’s article we look at why translation is key to marketing products beyond a […]

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como crear una estrategia de contenidos multi idioma para su negocio

Multilingual Content Strategy: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

“What is a multilingual content marketing strategy and why should my business have one?” “How could I implement this type of strategy?” “Who could advise me?” These are just some of the most frequently asked questions by companies looking to expand their horizons, but that are unaware of the value of multilingual content. Don’t worry, […]

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International Content Marketing: The Key to Success

Today, in such a globalized world immersed in the digital era where everything is connected, many companies have been faced with the need to expand their horizons. In an earlier post we spoke about the importance of professionally translating a website, but this is just one piece of the puzzle when internationalizing content.  What does […]

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E-Commerce and Translation: Two Allies to Sell Anywhere in the World

Let’s do a small exercise. Think of five companies that sell products. Got them? Now think how many of them use the internet as a sales channel. Four out of five? All of them? If you’re part of an e-commerce company, keep reading this post to find out how the professional translators here at Tatutrad […]

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