¿en qué consiste el voice-over? te lo contamos en

What is Voice-Over?

No doubt you’ve watched a documentary or news programme and heard the presenter’s original voice in the background and a superimposed voice in your language. Bingo! This technique is called ‘voice-over’. In today’s post, we’re going to explain what it’s all about, its main function and what sets it apart from other similar audiovisual techniques. […]

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Translating Web Pages in WordPress: A Solvable Challenge

Translators need to take a number of specific features into account when translating web pages. That’s why using the right tools can avoid several headaches. This post is all about how to translate a WordPress site, one of the most popular content creation and management tools, with the help of WPML. Índice de contenido Why […]

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Transcreation: The Key to Success on an International Stage

Fasten your seat belts! In today’s post we’re going to reveal the keys to a winning translation technique that springboards companies to success: transcreation. Índice de contenido What is transcreation? The term transcreation stems from translation + creation as this translation process entails continual creative decision-making. It is a relatively new field, halfway between marketing and translation. […]

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