What You Need to Know to Translate an App

Creating a mobile app can be a good way to drive your business, but have you ever thought about going one step further and translating your app to reach more people? If so, you need professional translation services like ours. Here, we explain everything you need to know to translate your app. Índice de contenido1 What is […]

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¿en qué consiste el voice-over? te lo contamos en

What is Voice-Over?

No doubt you’ve watched a documentary or news programme and heard the presenter’s original voice in the background and a superimposed voice in your language. Bingo! This technique is called ‘voice-over’. In today’s post, we’re going to explain what it’s all about, its main function and what sets it apart from other similar audiovisual techniques. […]

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Translating Web Pages in WordPress: A Solvable Challenge

Translators need to take a number of specific features into account when translating web pages. That’s why using the right tools can avoid several headaches. This post is all about how to translate a WordPress site, one of the most popular content creation and management tools, with the help of WPML. Índice de contenido1 Why […]

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Transcreation: The Key to Success on an International Stage

Fasten your seat belts! In today’s post we’re going to reveal the keys to a winning translation technique that springboards companies to success: transcreation. Índice de contenido1 What is transcreation?2 Translation vs. transcreation: what’s the difference?3 The advantages of transcreation4 Professional transcreation for a professional image abroad What is transcreation? The term transcreation stems from translation […]

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