Our methods

We want to make sure that we offer you the service that best suits your needs, your vision and your goal. Therefore, first of all we offer you flexibility. Not all texts have the same purpose or visibility, just as the importance of communication varies depending on the product you want to internationalize.

We propose several alternatives to our service so that, along with our advice, you can choose the one that best suits you.

Our methods and rates

  IA Pro Core Pro Premium Flat rate
Translation with Artificial Intelligence       As agreed in the contract
Artificial Intelligence with professional supervision        
Full Professional Translation        
Bilingual review        
Monolingual editing        
Fast-track (reduced time periods)        
Quality Control        
Language management        
0,06 €/word
0,08 €/word
0,09 €/word
To be negotiated


Our workflow

Our process guarantees the highest quality final product. We know how important a job well done is for your image.

Therefore, we implement consolidated processes on each project so you can follow us every step of the way and thus avoid having to improvise. As a result, we can offer you lower prices for a higher level of performance.

Here is an example of our most common workflow situation:

Analysis of the
request and proposal


As soon as you contact us, we spring right into action. We’re interested in everything you can tell us about your project and needs so we can propose the perfect solution for you.

In this phase, we work together to prepare a proposal for you, which you will have to approve. In this way, we make sure we don’t do anything for you that isn’t required.

Once we are clear on how we can help you, we get to work on your project.

We use our text processing and language management technology to get the most out of your material. Thanks to this process, we can create our own style guides for your project according to the tone and terminology you use. This style guide will accompany us until the end of the project to ensure that all our work for you is consistent and standardized.


Start of project
and text processing



The information obtained in the previous step leads us to the production stage. This step can vary depending on the service we offer you or the service you require.

No matter what though, you can rest assured that your project will be in the hands of one or more experts, with knowledge and experience in your sector, to ensure that the target text is faithful to the source text and suits your target audience and the medium in which it will be published.

The material created by our staff will be passed on to a team of reviewers, different to those who created the translations. Their job is to review it and carry out the corresponding checks from an additional perspective.

Unlike other translation and communication service providers, we ensure that we do not skip this step since we understand the importance of the quality of work to you.

In addition, our cutting-edge technology has a huge influence on this step of the process, since it allows us to detect errors that would otherwise lead to extended deadlines and higher costs.


and quality control



We will deliver the target material when you need it. When delivering our work, we make sure that the work meets our quality standards and your requirements.

We want to ease your workload as much as possible, so we promise to deliver the material in the format you want: be it in a physical format or digital. Regarding digital formats, we work with all types of files and extensions, so you will not have to invest extra time in conversion tasks.

Our process works, and we are sure that we give you added value with our work and not just a simple text. However, we want our work to have a significant impact on meeting your objectives, helping you to take the next step forward.

This is why we take responsibility for our work. Once the project is delivered, we will be here for you should you need us. If you would like to make any changes to the work done, we will be happy to update the content for you.

You can also count on us for later phases of your project, such as updates to your content or new materials that you need to translate.


Project closure
and updates