About us

Each member of our team brings added value making us unique and vital to the translation process. Tatutrad draws daily from the know-how and the different points of view of the group to become a multidisciplinary and versatile company, able to help you achieve your goals.

A bit about us

Our team consists of professionals with training and experience in the fields of translation, interpreting, internationalization and marketing. In addition, we are specialized in fields such as technology, medicine or economics so that our work corresponds perfectly to your needs.

Our team

Rosario de Zayas

Rosario, the veteran of the team, 20 years translating and many more solving people’s problems. She makes sure the clients are satisfied and the team is happy.

Isabel Domínguez

Isa, project manager in charge of keeping everybody in line. Always understanding, the best manager; regularly bursting into song, she lifts our spirits every day in the office.

Loli Guerrero

Sworn translator who was born with a gift for the organization and meticulousness required in her line of work. She is a specialist in foreign administration procedures and legal texts. It didn’t take her long to win over the rest of the team.

Alejandro Rodríguez

We take advantage of his passion for medical translation, his scientific knowledge and his way with people. He is the Coordinator for our interns and is the person responsible for liaising with universities.


Belén Correa

Belen is capable of translating any type of text. Need a fashion catalogue translating? Done. Want to localize a video game? Done. Internationalize a web page? Done. Organization, companionship and a cheerful nature – all wonderful qualities she brings to our office.

Diana Lindo

She is our expert in international organizations and institutions. Her extensive travel, experiences and know-how provide our team with a multicultural outlook.

Marina Rodríguez

Efficient, decisive and full of ideas that we have eagerly taken on board. There’s no type of text she can’t deal with, whether it’s legal, advertising, instructions or a website.

Jose Antonio Buzón

José Antonio brought an element of style to our office and to our work. Thanks to his knowledge of the world of fashion, audio-visual translation and marketing, our clients’ products are sure to dominate the market.

Lidya Gallego

Lidya is one of the most versatile members of our staff. Apart from being our head of suppliers, she is a veteran sworn translator and expert in international trade. Her professional approach to work has been successful around the world helping our clients conquer foreign markets.

Leaders in the sector  

Our experience, knowledge and operational excellence allow us to offer you the perfect solution, no matter what your needs are, and help you achieve your business objectives. This helps us to stand out from the rest and allows us to remain at the forefront of our sector. You can read more about our magnificent credentials below and see for yourself what makes us such a talented team.

Members of ANETI

We believe that there is strength in unity. That’s why we collaborate with quality partners around the world in the field of translation, marketing and internationalization to provide your product with the success it deserves and help us to take it to any part of the world.

American Translators Association (ATA)

European Language Industry Association (Elia)

Spanish Society of Modern Languages

Spanish Association of Translators, Proof-readers and Interpreters

Leaders in the sector

When we commit to helping you find the solution you need, we investigate and innovate to achieve your goals in the most efficient way possible. We share this knowledge with the rest of the multilingual and multicultural communication sector at various annual congresses so that we all make progress together.

SELM Congress in its 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th editions

7th International Cycle of Conferences in Translation and Interpreting

3rd International Congress liLETRAd

3rd Conference on Transcreation and Advertising Translation in Marketing 3.0: Inbound, SEO, SEM and Translation

The Use of Machine Translation in Human

1st International Congress on Translation and Cultural Sustainability

Our certifications

We know our level of service has to match the high standards you set for your products or services, whether it’s translation, interpreting or internationalization. That is why the quality of our translation services is endorsed by various internationally renowned organizations.

We share our knowledge to train professionals

We are always up to date with technology and research in translation, interpreting and multilingual communication. We know what you expect from us. We also understand your vision and are aware of the working methods that can be applied to your needs. Therefore, numerous academic institutions have asked members of our team to share our know-how in the classroom.

Master’s in New Technologies Applied to Translation

Course for university teachers on the Translation of Marketing and Transcreation

Master’s in Audio-visual Translation: Localization, Subtitling and Dubbing

Master’s in Specialized Translation

Advanced Video Game Translation and Localization