At Tatutrad, we are well aware that you expect a service that lives up to your product. We go further and promise you the best service in the entire sector, with an added value that adds to your product and helps it to stand out from the competition. For this, we have active professionals in research in different fields of translation and marketing and, in addition, we have the technological capacity that best suits your needs.

For this reason, the backbone of our translation, multilingual communication and internationalization services is research, innovation and development .

We offer added value in…


Nuestro objetivo es destruir tus barreras lingüísticas para que puedas comunicarte con todo el mundo. Nuestros servicios de traducción, interpretación e internacionalización incluyen todos los idiomas que necesites.


Nuestro equipo está compuesto por traductores especialistas en todos los sectores y son conocedores de distintas culturas del mundo y sus mercados. Confía en nosotros para dar el salto al extranjero o para triunfar en el mercado local.

We are committed to innovation and technological development.

Artificial intelligence

This technology surrounds us in our daily lives, whether it’s on mobile devices, in our cars or in our home appliances. At Tatutrad, we are pioneers in incorporating artificial Intelligence into the field of translation.

We invest in top-quality Artificial Intelligence on a global level, so we can apply it to the field of translation and provide you with the service that best suits your goals depending on your deadlines and budgets.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence for you

  • Cost reduction.
  • Streamlined workflow.
  • Lower waiting times.
  • Greater return on investment.
  • Higher quality assurance thanks to quality controls with Artificial Intelligence.

Services in which we apply Artificial Intelligence

  • Translation
  • Revision
  • Adaptation
  • Quality control

Remote Interpreting Services

The organization of an event, a meeting, a congress or a conference with attendees from other countries can be very complicated, especially if we take into account communication difficulties.

We know first-hand that the preparation of the ideal conditions so that professional interpreters can work comfortably can be very complicated and expensive.

We want to offer you the best service on the market, and we are willing to work hand in hand with strategic partners to achieve it.

That is why we offer our Remote Interpreting services provided by The Global Password.

How does it work?

It’s very simple. Your attendees simply have to download the special application for this service from our partner on their mobile, enter the event code, connect to the Wi-Fi network, put on their headphones and voilà! They will hear the words of the interlocutor or speaker in their own language.

On the other side of the headphones, a professional interpreter, working remotely, will ensure that communication is smooth and that the message is transmitted faithfully and in its entirety.

You won’t have to worry about any technical issues. A specialist from The Global Password will travel to the event and will be responsible for taking care of all the preparations.

By hiring this service through Tatutrad, we guarantee the highest quality outcome.

Benefits of Remote Interpreting for you

Help attendees at your event to understand everything that is discussed and allow them to interact without the language barrier

  • There are no language barriers
  • You do not need to hire the installation of interpreting booths
  • Greater profitability from the interpreting service
  • There are no minimum space requirements at the venue
  • Our personalized attention can help you prepare everything you need
  • The Global Password specialist technicians are on hand

More information?

We expect that you would like to know more about how this works. Please contact us so we can study your case and give you the best possible advice.

Web translation integrated with WPML

Your website is your cover letter, your gateway to the world and the key to success in the local and international market.

Translating a website is key to reaching other markets, and our partnership with WPML allows us to offer you the best service when creating and managing your multilingual website.

Currently, we are one of only three companies associated with WPML in the country, so we offer you a competitive advantage over other companies in your sector.

What is WPML?

WPML is a multilingual WordPress plug-in that aims to facilitate the translation of your website, as well as the implementation and management of all the multilingual content on your website or blog.

Benefits of translating your website with us through WPML

  • Presence in foreign countries
  • Cutting-edge technology to reduce resources in the web design phase
  • Quality assurance of our professionals
  • Fluid implementation thanks to WPML technology
  • Optimization of processes
  • Content automatically published in other languages
  • WPML technical assistance

More information?

We expect that you would like to know more about how this works. Please contact us so we can study your case and give you the best possible advice.

Language management technology

The marketing of a product is not only based on manufacturing or logistics. The creation of the brand and the style of a company are crucial to achieving success.

When developing a brand, everything is important: the choice of colours, fonts, logos, materials, etc. And, of course, the way in which we communicate with the client.

We are aware of the importance of how this can influence the image of a product and, therefore, we invest in first-rate language management tools.

What is language management technology?

We prepare glossaries and databases capable of storing all the content that your company produces in all languages: from employees memos to claims management, as well as any content on your website and social networks.

In this way, you can set the tone for your company’s communication in foreign markets, controlling the words you want to use to address your foreign audience. You can also establish any words that are not to be used under any circumstances. This is a two-way process, meaning that we will work together, listening to your requirements and working to meet them.

All this will allow you to maintain consistent cross-platform communication with your target audience and get the most out of your own material. This means that, for example, if you need to address a query that already appears in your Frequently Asked Questions section, you don’t have to invest time and resources to rewrite it in other languages.

Benefits of language management technology

  • Consistency in your product terminology to offer a clear customer service
  • Storage of all your written material for you to use when you need it
  • Creation of a solid brand image
  • Take control of your communication and implement filters that prevent using words you don’t want to include in your communication

More information?

We expect that you would like to know more about how this works. Please contact us so we can study your case and give you the best possible advice.

We are committed to technological research

OTCT Project (Optimizing Translator Training through Collaborative Technical Translation)

Funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus + programme

Our goal is to build bridges between cultures and break down linguistic barriers to create a more connected world. Therefore, we are delighted to collaborate as partners with the Pablo de Olavide University in this research project funded by the European Commission, which aims to improve the training of professionals in our sector.

Project website: http://www.otct-project.eu/es/

Our contribution to “transcreation” or creative translation

We like to be pioneers in all areas we work in. That’s why Tatutrad is one of the first companies in the multilingual language sector to launch creative translation (also called transcreation) in the field of marketing and advertising. This service is in high demand from our customers who want to market their products in other markets.

Our knowledge in the field has allowed us to teach university professors and researchers to make them aware of everything that goes into this type of service. We have also been referenced in many scientific articles on this new field of translation.

Our views on Artificial Intelligence

Technology is an ally in our translation services, and this is evident in the quality of our work. Our knowledge of this technology allows us to help you more efficiently. That’s why we share our Artificial Intelligence experience with the translation sector.

Many institutions have requested our help and experience with this technology, through consulting services, conferences and webinars:

The trust research institutions place in us

For years, numerous academic institutions dedicated to research and teaching have contacted us as a result of our experience and knowledge in translation and technology.

Here you can see some of the institutions that rely on our knowledge and research:

  • Pablo de Olavide University
  • Menéndez Pelayo University
  • Higher Translation Institute
  • University of Salamanca
  • Bristol University
  • University of Seville
  • University of Malaga
  • University of Cordoba
  • University of Alicante