Our services range from the simple translation of a general text to a global project
involving different professionals from the translation sector.
Integral and specially tailored solutions which can suit any type of budget.

Technical translation: Putting up furniture is hard as it is, let's not make it even more difficult. Send us your user guides, technical specifications and any other type of instructions so that they can be easily understood, even by those in Sweden.

Translation and testing of software and multimedia products: We love computers. An interface cannot be User friendly if you don't understand it. Let us make sure your applications come across in many languages!

Translation and videogame testing:Defeat your ultimate nemesis; the imposing language barrier, and pass on to the next level with your videogame. We work with all types of platforms and genres.

Web page translation: Internet is your gateway to a world of opportunity. Tell the world about yourself in a multitude of languages.

Legal translation:It's pretty important to understand what it says in a contract. We translate your legal documents with extreme attention to detail, so you understand everything, even what it says in the small print.

Medical translation:We know that your health comes first. You can trust us to translate these confidential documents with utmost care. Clinical case histories, medical products and devices, and pharmaceuticals, among others.

Marketing translation: You can concentrate on selling while we do the talking. Your press releases, slogans, corporate identity info and sales presentations are in good hands.

Financial translation:We do all we can so your numbers always add up. Financial reports, market research, and much more.

Sworn translation:We can help you get one foot on that plane, preparing your official documents so you can fulfil your ambitions abroad. Don't let anything stop you.

Subtitling: What did she say? We don't want your new play or film to sail over your audience's head. Subtitle your shorts, documentaries, films and corporate videos with us.

Revision:Not one misplaced comma gets by our revision team. Send us your documents to make sure a missing tilde doesn't give you a careless image.

We offer you all the technical equipment and manpower you need so that your meetings, visits or conferences are all plain sailing.

Consecutive interpreting: The interpreter only speaks when the other person has finished. At least this way no one gets interrupted!

Simultaneous interpreting: In other words, interpreting in booths. Yeah, that's right, just like in a certain film featuring this Australian actress...

Liaison interpreting: An interpreter will go with you on your visits, meetings and business trips so that you can communicate effectively.

Always look before you leap, especially when making plans to branch out in other countries. Our knowledge of different cultures and ways of seeing the world will help you adapt your product to market needs which you are not yet aware of.