subtítulos para sordos

Accessibility in Audiovisual Content: Subtitling for the Deaf

Although we’ve already spoken about subtitling and audiovisual translation in previous posts, here we’re going to concentrate on audiovisual accessibility and subtitling for deaf people, and why it’s important to turn to professionals, like our team here at Tatutrad. Have you ever considered how important accessibility is in cinema, television and, in short, the audiovisual […]

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Five Lessons Learned About Translation at Elia’s Networking Days

In October 2018, Elia, the European Language Industry Association, hosted the 22nd edition of its Networking Days in Vienna. Directors, CEOs, PMs and other language industry professionals from Europe and other continents came together to share their views on running translation agencies, to reflect on the future of the industry and to have fun. Of […]

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Tatutrad, partner local de Elia organiza y participa en las jornadas sobre marketing en el sector linguistico

A Date to Remember: ND Focus by Elia

For a few years now, Tatutrad S.L. has been part of Elia, the European Language Industry Association which represents and promotes the interests of the language industry, and which brings together numerous translation companies, freelance translators and institutions from across Europe. Since day one of this new collaboration, Tatutrad has participated in various events organised […]

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4 Common Misconceptions in Certified Translation

In previous posts, we’ve told you all there is to know about certified (or sworn) translation, its legal requirements and uses. There is, however, an ever-increasing lack of awareness about the process, agents and resources involved in this type of translation. In today’s post, we answer your questions and analyse the most common misconceptions in […]

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Languages Spoken in Spain

With a population of 46.94 million inhabitants, different languages are spoken in Spain, both official and dialectal languages, and foreign languages (the latter predominantly among the immigrant population). Índice de contenido1 Official languages of Spain1.1 Spanish or Castilian1.2 Catalan1.3 Galician1.4 Basque1.5 Aranese2 Minority languages in Spain3 Foreign languages spoken in Spain Official languages of Spain There are […]

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