como es trabajar en una agencia de traducción profesional

Interpretation in Business Meetings

Have you ever stopped to think just how useful a professional interpreter can be in the world of business? Thanks to globalization, doing business internationally is becoming easier, but there are times when you won’t get by with knowing little English.  For every situation, there’s a type or technique of interpretation. Although we’ve already mentioned […]

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International Content Marketing: The Key to Success

Today, in such a globalized world immersed in the digital era where everything is connected, many companies have been faced with the need to expand their horizons. In an earlier post we spoke about the importance of professionally translating a website, but this is just one piece of the puzzle when internationalizing content.  Índice de […]

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E-Commerce and Translation: Two Allies to Sell Anywhere in the World

Let’s do a small exercise. Think of five companies that sell products. Got them? Now think how many of them use the internet as a sales channel. Four out of five? All of them? If you’re part of an e-commerce company, keep reading this post to find out how the professional translators here at Tatutrad […]

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Do You Need to Translate Scientific Content? Find the Answer to Your Problem Here

As we know, science encompasses many different fields: physics, chemistry, maths, biology, medicine, pharmaceutics… each with its own specific characteristics. Although we’ve already talked about medical translation in another post, here we’re going to look at scientific translation in more general terms. Take a look at our post on medical translation to find out more […]

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Diferencias entre la traducción y la interpretación

Differences Between Translation and Interpretation

Many people use the terms translation and interpretation interchangeably, particularly when talking about “simultaneous translation”, when, in reality, the correct term would be “simultaneous interpretation”. But are there really that many differences between translation and interpretation? Índice de contenido1 Interpretation or translation 2 The 5 main differences between translation and interpretation to keep in mind when […]

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diferencias entre el chino simplificado y el chino tradicional

Differences Between Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chines

With around 1.3 billion native speakers, Chinese is the most spoken language in the world. Did you know that one quarter of the world’s population speaks Chinese? That’s why this language is important for any company seeking an international presence.  Chinese is considered a “hard” or complex language and its translation can entail considerable difficulties. […]

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los traductores profesionales en el mundo del deporte

Awkward Interpretation Situations in Sport

Is there any sector that is more international than the world of sport? World cups, the signing of athletes from other countries, European competitions, negotiations… How many times have you seen elite athletes in front of the mic attempting to unsuccessfully express themselves in a language they don’t master and journalists desperately trying to make […]

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