Traducir correctamente una app traductores profesionales

5 Things to Consider when Translating an App

Raise your hand if you still don’t have a smartphone, tablet or laptop! (Birds heard chirping in the background). We’ve all witnessed how the use and diversification of electronic devices has increased exponentially in recent years, and it seems that this trend isn’t going to be reversed any time soon. The number of apps, aimed […]

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Five Reasons Why Your Business Needs Translation and Cultural Consultancy

Have you ever stopped to think how important a high-quality translation is for your business? Many people think that translating their web page or products merely involves resorting to free online translators, like Google Translate or DeepL, that process the text at the touch of a button. However, the reliability of the results can be […]

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5 Reasons Why Professional Translators are the Best Option for Video Game Translation

We all like playing video games to some degree. From games commonly known as “casual” games, such as Angry Birds or Candy Crush, to the latest video console games such as Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, video games have an audience; in fact, over 50% of Brits play video games.  As with other forms of entertainment, such […]

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3 Things to Know If You Want to Translate Your Web Page

Take the leap and translate your web page to reach an international audience. Don’t hesitate to hire a professional website translation service. To get in touch with us, use the contact form that you’ll find in the “Contact” section of our website. Today, we’re going to look at why translating a website in this day […]

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congreso de traduccion y sostenibilidad

1st International Conference on Translation and Cultural Sustainability in Salamanca

As a member of the translation industry who dabbles in university workshops, master classes, and Master’s programmes, etc., I always like catching up with those who spend their time researching the profession. Those of us who are professional translators don’t find the time as we go about our daily work to reflect on new processes, […]

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traduccion de marcas comerciales marketing

Why Translation is Important in Marketing

Just as a good marketing strategy is key to a brand’s success, so too is it of the utmost importance that companies wanting to reach international markets develop an internationalization strategy in which their campaigns are translated into other languages. In today’s article we look at why translation is key to marketing products beyond a […]

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