“Health comes first”, so that’s why, here at Tatutrad, we encourage you to rely on us to translate such sensitive and technical documents. With over 10 years’ experience translating medical articles, leaflets, clinical and pharmacological reports, and medical records, Tatutrad has acquired a wealth of knowledge, from specialised terms to different technical writing styles. Medical […]

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año nuevo chino, cultura y traducción

Lunar New Year

Our Asian neighbours celebrate one of their most important festivals some time between January 21 and February 20. What we know as “Chinese New Year” is in fact “Lunar New Year” or “Spring Festival” to those who celebrate the festival, although it’s not exactly the same thing. As a translation agency, here at Tatutrad we’re fascinated by […]

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Game Testing

The video games industry has undergone significant development to become an important trading power in the market in just a short space of time. We’re faced with products created with a view to reaching the widest audience possible depending on the budget available. This process therefore involves developers, as well as translators, localisers and testers. […]

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