Subtitling Series

In previous posts we’ve talked about the world of audiovisual translation, where the most practical applications are dubbing and subtitling. Today we’re going to focus on the latter, and more specifically, on subtitles for series (spoiler alert: for subtitles to be correct, you really do need a good subtitler from an agency or translation company […]

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Diferencias en la traduccion de textos del español de latinoamérica y el español de españa

Spanish-Language Adaptation: Spain and Latin America

In previous posts, we’ve broadly outlined our adaptation services and the endless opportunities in the world of professional translation. Clients are increasingly coming to us requesting Spanish-language translation and adaptation services for either Spain or Latin America. In today’s post, we’re going to explain why Castilian and Latin American Spanish differ and why it’s important […]

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traducción técnica de libros de cocina

Recipe Book Translation

For many countries, gastronomy is a hallmark: it’s culture and tradition. Every country, and even every region, has traditional dishes, preparation methods, and common ingredients and condiments. Food from other countries is becoming increasingly popular and more and more ethnic restaurants are opening up in cities.  This trend makes its way into our homes as […]

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There’s no denying that everyone loves social contact, albeit in a professional or family environment. Conversations on different topics crop up on a daily basis; however, interestingly enough, topics related to health are always the most common. The same happens in the world of translation. If anything characterises our team here at Tatutrad, it’s how we always strive […]

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