Creating a mobile app can be a good way to drive your business, but have you ever thought about going one step further and translating your app to reach more people? If so, you need professional translation services like ours.

Here, we explain everything you need to know to translate your app.

What is localization?

“Localization” is the name of the process through which a mobile app or program is translated. This concept also refers to the translation of all types of software and web pages. That said, there is more to localization than translating computer-related content. It also entails adaptation to the target audience, as well as requiring technical knowledge.

However, before you translate your software application, you need to internationalize it. This involves adapting and developing it so that it can be localized without any issues (for example, taking into account the character encoding so that letters such as ö, ñ and other scripts can be used).

As you know, there are lots of different types of mobile apps. They can range from language apps (like language learning apps or translation or speech-to-speech translations apps) to apps of an entirely different nature, such as apps for clothes shopping, exercise, calendars, news, video games, etc. Despite their initial differences, all these apps have several aspects in common that we need to take into account during localization:

  • When translating apps, not only is the user interface translated, but also the texts that appear in the App Store or Google Play to bring them closer to international users. We can also translate any advertising campaigns or websites.
  • It’s important to differentiate the text to be translated from strings and other elements such as variables or linkages. That’s why you need a professional translator who has experience translating programs and apps. At Tatutrad, we have a specialist team with experience in information technology who will be delighted to translate your app.
  • When translating apps into Spanish, for example, it’s important to remember that texts in Spanish are usually longer than in English. Why? The majority of apps and software are developed in English, a language which is characterised on the whole by very short words and phrases. Moreover, smartphone and tablet screens are smaller in size, and therefore there is limited space for texts

Taking this into account when translating an app into Spanish, German or any other language with longer phrases and words is essential, and using more concise expressions and words is key. 

If, on the other hand, your app is in Spanish or another language, we can also translate it into English or any other language that you require. Just get in touch with us via the contact form on our website!

It doesn’t matter if you’ve already translated your app and are wanting to update it. Don’t worry if you want to include more text! We’ll make sure that the new content is in line with your app’s existing content. We also review all our translations to ensure the quality of the product that we deliver to our clients.

Language testing

What’s more, we can perform language testing on your app. We carry out testing after translating the app into the chosen language to see that all the text appears correctly and that it is translated accordingly in the context. By doing so, you’ll avoid unwanted surprises on publishing and will improve end-user satisfaction.

The services you need to translate your app

To summarise, these are the services that we offer for the translation of software applications:

  • Professional translations of the app interface, app store descriptions and all related documentation that may be required, such as the instruction manual, terms and conditions, etc.
  • Revisions of all translated material. If your app is already in the chosen language, but you’d like to make sure that everything is written correctly, we can also help you give your clients a good impression with a quality proofreading service. This ensures that the end-users understand all the content and guarantees the best user experience.
  • App language testing to ensure that all the texts appear correctly.

Take your app to the next level

Never mind the language combination. Here at Tatutrad, we’ll translate you app into English, Spanish or any other language. We’ll help your app reach international users with a professional translator. Our professionals are specialists in information technology translation and will of course be delighted to help. 

Get in touch with us using our contact form and watch your app go around the world!