One of our most requested services are translations of a technical nature. What do we mean by technical translation? What are the challenges and difficulties for our team of professional translators? In today’s post, we reveal the importance of this type of translation and how we tackle it here at Tatutrad. 

Technical translation can be defined as one of the branches of specialised translation, that is, translation belonging to a specific sector, in this case: engineering, automotive, electronics, mining, telecommunications, metallurgy, construction, and other related sectors. This type of translation stands out for the language used in the original text, which tends to be relatively specific and employs terminology that is not common in everyday language. 

Those technical texts that are typically translated include user and instruction manuals, patents, technical product specifications, user guides, assembly manuals, works procedures, etc. It’s therefore important that this task be undertaken by professional translators, as there is no room for terminological errors that could result in a completely different understanding of the entire text and, consequently, what is being referred to. In an assembly manual, for example, misinterpreting one of the parts would prevent the user finding the correct part for the assembly. 

If you need technical translation services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via our contact form and we will assist you in whatever you need. If anything characterises our team here at Tatutrad, it’s the meticulous way in which our professional translators undertake all types of translation. Technical translation also stands out for the precision of the written texts and because of this, machine translation would not be recommended since it could lead to misinterpretations and errors that would result in product failure. 

Among the wide range of challenges faced by a professional translator when tackling translations of a technical nature is the sector’s specialised terminology; translators need to invest considerable time and effort in finding the equivalent term in the language they are translating into. This type of translation often requires a somewhat more explanatory method to facilitate the reader’s understanding. 

Likewise, it should also be mentioned that while other types of translation allow considerable freedom when writing the target text (in the language being translated into), this type of text does not. Translators must therefore park their creativity and focus their efforts on maintaining the meaning of the original text without making modifications that could change it completely. Don’t worry though, we’ve mastered this at Tatutrad. 

When our professional translators receive a technical translation assignment, the first step involves in-depth documentation on the topic of the source text. If it is an instruction manual, they ensure that they fully understand the function of the subject of the translation; if it is a technical specification sheet, they research the measurements, typical elements or most common components in their language… It is thorough and careful work that ensures the final quality of this type of translation. 

One of the questions most frequently asked by our clients is related to whether the final text will maintain the precision and objectivity of the original text. Well, as we’ve mentioned previously, here at Tatutrad we are aware of the specific features of this type of translation and therefore know that the translation needs to be as accurate and as faithful as possible to the original text. We ensure that the resulting translations are adapted to the level of education of the receiving user. 

What are the main advantages for a company when entrusting their technical translations to a team of professional translators? 

– Reliability 

– Accuracy 

– Profitability 

– Quality 

These are just some of the benefits that companies draw when entrusting Tatutrad with their technical translations. We are conscious of the difficulty involved in writing this type of text and the importance of faithfully and accurately translating all the content. That’s why our technical translation service is characterised, above all, by the quality of our final translations. We prioritise dedicating time to thorough research and paying attention to the text so that the final product is not altered. Trust us with your technical translations and everything will go smoothly!