Year after year, Spain comes out as one of the top tourist destinations in the world. The sun, the historical and cultural heritage, the food, the coast… these are just some of the things that draw international tourists in and see them pick Spain as their holiday destination. 

If you work in hospitality, the hotel industry, a travel agency or, basically, the tourism sector, keep reading this blog post to discover why tourism largely depends on translation and how a translation company in Seville, Spain, can help you grow your business and become visible internationally. 

According to the Spanish National Statistics Institute, the tourism industry welcomed more than 80 million international tourists, mainly from the United Kingdom, Germany and France, in 2017. Although Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the world and some tourists are capable of making a hotel reservation or asking for a table in a restaurant in Spanish, not everyone knows the language well enough to follow a guided tour in Spanish or understand the information panels in a museum. 

These are some of the reasons why the tourism and translation industries have always worked closely together, a relationship strengthened in recent years as a result of growing international tourism and the fact that Spanish companies want to offer more accessible quality services. 

Internet users have been shown to prefer browsing web pages translated into their native language as it builds more trust in the service. They’ll feel more secure when buying the tickets to a show over the internet, for example, if there is a professional translation in their own language. Additionally, the fact that a company offers tourism activities in their language (such as guided tours) may be key when choosing one tourism company over another, since the translation of the services is associated with a wider offering and greater professionalism and accessibility. 

Although the tourism sector is fully aware of the importance of translation in the industry, they don’t always turn to professional translators or translation companies. The complexity of the task is often underestimated and neither professionals nor the correct resources are used. In the tourism industry, the biggest and most obvious translation errors are usually found in culinary translation. We often come across restaurants that use machine translation tools to translate their menus with disastrous results, as they don’t consider cultural differences (products that don’t exist in other countries) or questions of style (the name of a dish invented by the chef). If you’re interested in culinary translation, you can read more about this topic in an earlier blog post. 

If you work in tourism and are looking for a translation company, here at Tatutrad we can offer you the following services: 

– Translation of restaurant menus, marketing campaigns and advertising leaflets, museum and monument information panels, travel guides, audio guides, magazines or travel brochures. 

– Web page localization and translation for travel agencies, hotels, restaurants, transport companies, museums or e-commerce. 

– Interpretation services during guided tours, trips, conferences at hotels, events, shows or activities. 

– Subtitling of promotional videos, documentaries or clips for social media. 

Whatever the language, type of text or medium, here at Tatutrad we’ve got the answer. We collaborate with a large team who only translate into their mother tongue and who have the latest technology to do the appropriate quality assurance checks. We also offer a translation plus proofreading service which involves two independent professionals to ensure the highest quality. 

Until now, we’ve only spoken about international tourists visiting Spain, but we can’t forget national tourism. The number of Spanish tourists who travel around Spain is significant enough so as not to ignore the importance of other Spanish national languages. Of course, at Tatutrad we can assist you in interpreting or translating into Galician, Catalan or Basque. What do we need from you to put together a quote? Fill out the form that you’ll find on our website and include the following information: 

– The source and target language (the language of the original texts and the language you’d like them translated into). 

– The files that you wish to translate; if you aren’t able to send them, we would need to know the number of words and the format that you’ll send us the files in at a later date. If you require interpretation services, please indicate the subject of the event, place and dates. 

– The deadline if there’s no flexibility. 

At Tatutrad, we’re looking for new travel companions. Will you be next?