More and more companies are opting to expand their business globally and put their products and services to the test abroad. In fact, the language-related needs of SMEs when exporting to international markets are already evident; but to make the leap, they need a quality translation service, like the service we offer here at Tatutrad. 

In today’s post, we explain why a well-thought-out translation strategy is key to streamlining the process of internationally exporting products and services. If that’s on the cards for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch so that we can advise you on the service that best suits your needs; you can do so via our contact form. 

What should you consider before exporting? 

It’s clear that export and import services play a crucial role in a country’s economy. Just look at Spain, for example, which exports olive oil to the United States, while the region of Andalusia, in line with the Regional Government, has dramatically increased its exports in recent years, with 63.8% now destined for countries in the European Union. 

To ensure successful commercialization, you need cultural information on the country where you’re wanting to export your goods or services. Moreover, given that the objective is for people in a foreign market to buy your products just as someone would in your home country, you need to be able to communicate with your target audience in their mother tongue. This is where translation comes into play. 

What content is usually translated to improve exports? Needs vary according to the type of company requesting these services, but, in general, web pages, advertising campaigns, catalogues and product specifications, contracts, rates, promotional material, correspondence, blogs or social media content. You’re looking at all those materials whose purpose is to make a product known and triumph among the target audience, and therefore, so that there is the same effect among the target audience, they need to be translated. 

Can translation improve sales? 

Provided that the translation is professional and of high quality, it can help boost your sales. The big brand names with a global presence have professional translation services that make their products or services reach all countries equally, with the aim being that each country feels as if these products or services have been exclusively produced for its people. 

When we talk about professional translation services, we are referring to a team of people who understand your needs, pre-empt your competitors’ ideas and have the experience needed to undertake a task where not only your investment in a foreign market is at stake, but also your image and brand values. 

The company success that we hear about on a daily basis is partly due to the combination of an e-commerce or electronic commerce strategy and high-quality web page localization/translation. In our article Internationalization of Content: The Key to Success, you can check out the advantages of haivng a web page in different languages and how this gives you a leg up on the competition. 

How does a team of translators benefit my international trade strategy? 

There are multiple benefits of a quality translation service (like the service we offer here at Tatutrad!), including: 

– Translation will help you define and describe your business in various languages over your web page. 

– The team of translators will help you understand trade-related laws and regulations in other countries. 

– Translators can work with your Marketing or Sales department to adapt your product to the local market and to launch advertising campaigns that triumph in the country where you want to direct your services. 

– The team of translators will help you understand the documentation, protocols and local requirements. 

Ultimately, if your intention is to advertise your products on an international scale, we have the tools and professionals you need to make it happen. Simply get in touch with us for personalised advice that will help you achieve your objectives.