Fasten your seat belts because in today’s post we’re going to tell you the keys of one of the winning translation techniques in the market that sees companies take off towards success: transcreation.

The term transcreation stems from translation + creation as this translation process entails continual creative decision-making. It is a relatively new field halfway between marketing and translation that aims to ensure that two different messages cause the same reaction in the target audience. That is to say, it’s not all about the words, but also transmitting emotions, feelings, ideas, tastes… It’s about going beyond the text and finding the message that best fits with the target audience.

One of the main differences between translation and transcreation is the marked commercial nature of the latter. We could say that transcreation has the same effect on people as an advert, as it tends to be the method used to translate slogans and campaigns in the world of marketing. But that’s not all: new characters are also created that better reflect the target culture, as happens in a number of video games, and some brave people even dare to transcreate menus. We almost forgot! If you’ve ever seen the title of a film translated into another language, you’ll have noticed how it’s often much shorter than the original or vice versa. This is likely due to the title being transcreated to give the audience clues on what they’re about to watch.

You’re probably wondering why transcreation is more handy for businesses than a simple translation. Well, combining translation with creative strategies has been shown to generate a higher percentage of sales in those instances in which full internationalization is sought (as we revealed in our post on international content marketing). If aside from simply informing, you also want to transmit and make the target audience participate in your business ideas, a good transcreator only needs few words.

One of the keys for increasing sales abroad involves acquiring a deep understanding of the country where you want to focus your products. With the right transcreation and internationalization techniques, you can make your ideas more familiar to the target audience, showing that they matter, that their feelings are also important and, as everyone knows, that there’s no place like home. Transcreation makes the audience feel at home; that’s why it’s one of the most widely used techniques by the biggest names in business, not only on a national scale, but also globally.

In our office, we examine the target culture with a fine-tooth comb, analyse the most important nuances and those that are offensive, study lifestyles, trends and tastes, and use a brainstorming session to deliver the most successful result for our client, as we’re aware that poor transcreation can have repercussions for brands. We’ve worked on characters, slogans, campaigns, products and even songs (just don’t ask us to sing).

Tatutrad has a team of professional translators who are able to develop creative strategies like advertising agents, transcreators who know the target market and who care about the impression their translations give. Get in touch with us for personalized advie about the service that best represents your style, and may transcreation be with you!