Today on the blog, we’re going to talk about the quality assurance checks that we carry out on all our translations here at Tatutrad, your professional translation agency, and how technology helps us offer the very best results. Are you interested? Keep reading! 

Although we’ve already discussed the processes we follow when undertaking a translation and delivering it to the client in another blog post, we think it’s crucial to highlight the importance of quality management processes. 

Technology and translation are currently very intertwined. Thanks to the internet and the industry’s rapid evolution, long gone are the days when translators had to spend most of their time searching for terms in paper dictionaries and revising their texts before delivering them to clients. 

Today, new technologies assist us in the translation process and, following translation and proof-reading, in the quality assurance (QA) procedures. In this article we get down to the nitty-gritty of how technology helps us in these processes. 

Firstly, when a client entrusts us with a translation, we ensure that all the material we produce will be coherent. By that we mean that if specific terms are used in the first document, we ensure that they are always translated in the same way in subsequent documents. To do so, we use artificial intelligence computer tools to create databases for each client account which enable us to ensure the coherency and cohesion of all the texts we work with. 

Furthermore, our cutting-edge technology allows us to work in this way with all types of files. It doesn’t matter if you need to translate a document or even a software user interface, we’ll always be able to offer you a professional translation with the best results. 

In the case of software or web pages, our ICT tools help us detect what forms part of the code and should therefore not be translated. Together with our professional translators’ knowledge and extensive experience, this ensures the highest translation quality. 

Once a text has been translated and proofread, the final quality assurance process begins, which is key to us offering you professional results. This process is included in all our translation services and is carried out using automation and state-of-the-art tools with artificial intelligence. The procedure is as follows: 

1. First, we do a final spelling and grammar check of the translated documents to ensure that there aren’t any typos or mistakes. We also check the punctuation of the text, that is, the use of commas, full stops, etc. Typographical correction is a key requirement for all professional translations. 

2. We then check that there aren’t any double spaces or additional spaces at the beginning or end of each paragraph. 

3. Once this step is completed, we make sure that all the figures in the original text coincide with those in the translation. This includes quantities, years, dates, units of measurement, etc. In some instances, such as with dates and units of measurement, the format in the target language can be different from that of the source text language, and we must therefore be particularly meticulous. 

4. After this, we check that the format is the same and, in the case of software or a web page, that the tags making up the programming language have not been modified. In this way, the translated website or software will work the same as it did in the original language. 

5. Lastly, we run a final check of the reference terms included in the databases. In this way and as we have explained before, we ensure that the same words are always translated in the same way (avoiding incoherency in the content) and that our clients’ preferences are met. 

Once all these checks have been made, the translation is ready to be delivered to the client! As we’ve seen, performing a quality assurance process is vital, as otherwise the text could contain errors which, although may seem minor, could be serious for our clients. 

At Tatutrad, we believe in using the most cutting-edge technology, which translates into time and money savings for our clients. Furthermore, thanks to the exhaustive and rigorous quality assurance checks that we perform on each text before its delivery, we ensure the highest quality. 

Whether you need to translate from Spanish or any other language into English, you can count on us to give you the best results, there’s no doubt about it. Our team of professional translators based in Seville, Spain, will be delighted to help you!