In previous posts we’ve talked about the world of audiovisual translation, where the most practical applications are dubbing and subtitling. Today we’re going to focus on the latter, and more specifically, on subtitles for videos.

Spoiler alert: for subtitles to be correct, you really do need a good subtitler from an agency or translation company offering professional translations.

Why you should subtitle your videos

We’ve all seen videos with English and Spanish subtitles. But why? Translation seeks to build bridges between cultures, enabling users to access audiovisual content, regardless of the language or languages they speak. Do you fancy watching a German video despite not understanding the language? Thanks to subtitles, you can.

The opposite is also important: if you have a presentation video in English and want to share it with the world, how can you go about translating it in order to upload it to YouTube so that non-English speakers can watch the video with subtitles in their language? It may seem complex, but our professional translators can help.

The advantages of subtitling

There’s more to subtitles than just letting people who don’t speak the language access audiovisual content. In the case of subtitles for series, there are also subtitles for the deaf. They detail how each character delivers their lines, so that users with hearing problems can enjoy series just like everyone else, and they also indicate the music and background noises, for example.

This is a clear advantage of subtitled videos over dubbed videos. Subtitling is also simpler, cheaper and more accessible. In Spain, for example, many people still prefer watching dubbed series and documentaries or the original version, and claim to dislike Spanish subtitles. 

That said, there are many people who are pro subtitles. Watching documentaries in French with French subtitles, for example, can help improve your level of the language. Documentaries in French with English subtitles are also a good way to practice your listening skills. Likewise, watching videos in Spanish with English subtitles can also come in handy before a trip to Spain.

Do you have a video that you would like to subtitle? We can help. We have a team of professional translators who work with various language combinations and can generate subtitles for your audiovisual content, helping you to reach a wider audience.

A professional subtitler makes all the difference

The problem with platforms such as YouTube is that many of the subtitled videos aren’t always of the highest quality. Subtitling YouTube videos isn’t easy; some users who upload videos use voice recognition on YouTube to embed subtitles. It sounds like a good call, right? Check it out for yourself in this video that humorously captures the mistakes made by the system; mistakes that obviously wouldn’t be made in a professional translation.

Videos really do need to be subtitled by professionals. There are times when fans and people without subtitler training generate the subtitles for series, and mistakes often arise due to overly literal translations of the original text.

What’s more, many of these subtitles lack the characteristics that make them accessible and easy to read (such as the length and appearance on screen or duration). Our translators have extensive subtitling experience and will be able to overcome all these obstacles.

In short, video subtitles must be left to a professional translator to ensure that they are high quality and that there are no grammar or translation errors. The YouTube video translator and videos subtitled by fans, although popular, are no match for the quality of a professional translator, who translates and adapts the subtitles.

Time to get started! Add subtitles to your videos today

Do you need a video subtitled? Our professional translators based in Seville, Spain, can help. Do you need German subtitles for a video? Or perhaps Spanish subtitles for a video in French? Don’t hesitate to get in touch! We work with all language combinations.

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