Like other language service providers, Tatutrad offers the typical translation and interpretation services. But did you know that we also provide services of a different nature, such as sign language interpretation? And that makes us the best option for your business.

In this blog post we’re going to focus on sign language. We’ll explain how hiring a sign language interpreter benefits your company and how it’s advantageous at events.

The role of a sign language interpreter

First of all, we need to differentiate between the role of a sign language translator and a sign language interpreter. The oral aspect and immediacy characterise the latter, while a sign language translator is normally a deaf person who studies a text before translating it into sign language by means of a video recording. 

It’s also worth highlighting how subtitling for the deaf differs from subtitling intended for viewers who can hear, mainly due to its complexity. Not only do the subtitles need to indicate aspects such as music or noises between brackets, audiovisual companies also assign each actor a colour so that the viewer always knows who is speaking.

It may seem like lots of information at first, but our team of professional translators will answer your questions! We’ll guide you throughout the process to find out which services best suit your needs.

Why opt for sign language interpreting services?

As you’re probably aware, the importance of reaching new audiences is becoming increasingly evident in all business spheres. In this regard, sign language opens the door to the deaf community. If, for example, you are hosting a business event, whether musical, televised or literary, hiring a sign language interpreter will boost participation and multiply the number of people attending.

Here at Tatutrad we work with the best sign language professionals in Seville, so don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’ll help remove communication barriers and promote equal access to information for deaf and hearing people. By doing so, we’ll help you give your business a leg up, making it more inclusive and known to a more diverse audience.

Sign language interpreting in different sectors

Is your company in the education sector? Sign language in year groups with deaf students will enable them to receive all the information in the same way as their hearing classmates as, more often than not, teachers do not know this language. Reaching a wider audience will increase your business opportunities and make your company more inclusive.

In the field of culture, theatre productions can incorporate sign language. Doing so enables deaf people to enjoy leisure activities and performances. Normally, the interpreter stands in the corner of the stage, dressed in black (like on television). This does, however, make following the performance trickier if the spectator has to focus their attention to either the left or right of the stage. Thus, theatre companies have recently developed the concept of “inclusive theatre”, whereby interpreters become actors in the play and wear the same costumes as the characters they are interpreting. This takes those members of the audience with hearing impairments far more into account, enabling them to enjoy the theatre even more.

Along the same lines is sign language in concerts, and the Spanish singer Rozalén is a prime example. This artist gives all her concerts with a Spanish sign language interpreter. By signing her songs, she makes her concerts fully accessible, something not done by any other artists in Spain to date. Thanks to the work of the interpreter, all her songs and lyrics are made accessible to the entire deaf community. This has had an influence on the artist’s success, with the number of her YouTube views multiplying! And this is all thanks to the inclusive idea of having a sign language interpreter.

Hire a sign language interpreter for your event

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