“Health comes first”, so that’s why, here at Tatutrad, we encourage you to rely on us to translate such sensitive and technical documents.

With over 10 years’ experience translating medical articles, leaflets, clinical and pharmacological reports, and medical records, Tatutrad has acquired a wealth of knowledge, from specialised terms to different technical writing styles.

Medical translation is the branch of translation that corresponds to all those communication needs that arise in the field of medicine, a discipline spanning numerous specialities and related disciplines that are closely linked.

When talking about medicine, we can’t simply limit ourselves to its extension; we must also mention its rich terminology. In light of its age, most medical terminology, as well as the current medical terminology corpus, comprises terms of Greek and Latin origin, which are the roots of different languages.

This terminological variation is reflected in the huge textual diversity that characterises medical texts, which can take on numerous different forms. Prescriptions, leaflets, instructions for use, medical articles and records, and informed consents are just some of the documents that we translate at Tatutrad.

The first challenge faced by medical translators involves reflecting the characteristics of medical writing in the translation. 

And what are these characteristics? Well, the three main features of scientific language in general, and specifically medical writing, are veracity, precision and clarity. In other words, medical translation mustn’t be either incorrect or ambiguous, but rather intelligible to the reader, not laborious to read, etc.

You’re probably thinking that precision isn’t a characteristic feature of a language.

The thing is, it depends; it depends on the type of language. Medical language, just like all scientific language, uses very precise, specialised terms such that each concept, idea or entity has a unique word to denote it and therefore, each word denotes a single concept.

Polysemic words (whether due to language interference or interference between registers), interference of English or an imprecise use of the language are some of the main errors resulting from a lack of language precision that hound medical translators.

Another of the challenges posed to medical translators is the variety of communicative situations and degrees of specialisation in which medical translation is present.

The range of communicative contexts requiring the knowledge of medical translators is so broad that it entails involving experts with diverse profiles and knowledge, which, in turn, affects the degree of specialisation and formality of the message.

The professional activity of medical translators reflects how medical communication ranges from highly specialised academic research to the publishing of brochures and leaflets aimed at every Tom, Dick and Harry. Not to mention the variety of formats of medical translations that aren’t limited to written texts, such as audiovisual translations.

Subtitling videos, embedding subtitles and dubbing are just some of the audiovisual translation projects that a medical translator might receive.

You could say that medical translators must know how to master the complexity, extension and variety of knowledge that medicine entails.

These are some of the general issues, and one or two more specific issues, faced by professional medical translators on a daily basis.

The team of professionals at Tatutrad, made up of more than 12 expert translators, has more than 10 years’ experience in translation and, particularly, medical translation.

This experience makes us the perfect tool for anyone interested in translating more specialised documents.

That’s why we encourage you to entrust Tatutrad to translate your leaflets, reports and clinical pictures, or even the certified official translation of any document you need.

And in any language combination!

English to Spanish, Spanish to English, French to Spanish, French to English… Here at Tatutrad, we’ll accept, safeguard and work on your specialised documents, regardless of the language they are written in, and we’ll provide an accurate, precise and clear translation.

Forget about Linguee and Google Translate for translating your most sensitive documents and trust Tatutrad, a team of professional translators that is here for you.