Today, in such a globalized world immersed in the digital era where everything is connected, many companies have been faced with the need to expand their horizons. In an earlier post we spoke about the importance of professionally translating a website, but this is just one piece of the puzzle when internationalizing content. 

What does international content mean for you? 

First and foremost, expansion. There are currently many companies looking to enter international markets, but they don’t know how to go about it. The answer? A strategy aimed at customers in the country that they’re wanting to enter, with content adapted to their culture, needs and, of course, their language. 

This will result in a company with a global mindset, with content adapted to several cultures and several languages that meets the demands of potential customers in other countries. 

But why would a company want to enter international markets? That’s simple! With an increasingly global economy, companies outgrow their national market and need to find new markets to launch their sales if they want to continue growing as a business and not end up at the back of the queue to success. 

How to successfully internationalize your content 

Firstly, as we explained in a previous post, having a multilingual website translated by professional translators is crucial. A web page written in the language of the customer you’re wanting to reach will build trust and raise your brand’s profile. 

It’s about building a connection and becoming a leader in a foreign market. Just like when a conversation stops flowing when two people speak different languages, the customer-business relationship will not work if the company doesn’t use the customer’s language. 

If you’re looking for different results, don’t always do the same thing. Here at Tatutrad, we believe in innovation when it comes to driving a company to make the leap to transnational markets. 

Could you sell your products in a country where you don’t know if they will be well received? Or better said, do you need to know if the target culture will welcome your proposal? The answer seems clear: yes. No one dives into a swimming pool without knowing whether or not there is any water. That’s why it is essential to create content that works in a culture that’s not your own, in a country that’s not yours and where there will almost certainly be different realities. By internationalizing your content, you’ll be filling that pool so that you can take that long-awaited dive (with a triple corkscrew for good measure). 

Furthermore, a well-devised marketing strategy that helps you become more visible and position your company among the leaders in the market you’re wanting to enter is key. We would therefore recommend accompanying your web translation with a content marketing strategy. What does it involve? Creating high-quality, relevant content that 

attracts and retains customers. By doing so, users will consider your brand a valuable source that cares about their interests. 

Did you know that internationalizing your content also involves your social media? Yes, in a quality internationalization strategy all of a company’s content that appears on a particular platform has to be adapted to the new target market. And why is it important to also adapt/translate your social media content? Today, social media serves as the introduction to a company; it’s the best way for users to interact with it, so why shouldn’t you offer them information of interest in a language that is accessible to them? 

What are the benefits of internationalizing my content? 

It’s clear that a multilingual website that implements various strategies aimed at a target market will bring with it a whole host of benefits, including: 

· Greater online presence 

· Better brand image 

· More sales and revenue 

· Better positioning in search engines 

· More customers and contacts 

· Access to other markets 

· Advantage over competitors 

Here at Tatutrad, we have the tools to help you internationalize your content. We can advise you on the type of strategy that best suits your company profile and, as a translation agency with a great team of professionals behind it, we ensure high-quality content in the language spoken in the market you’re wanting to enter. 

What are you waiting for? Take the leap to a new market bursting with opportunities! Get in touch with us today for a free initial consultation. We’ll be delighted to help!