A Date to Remember: ND Focus by Elia

Tatutrad, partner local de Elia organiza y participa en las jornadas sobre marketing en el sector linguistico

For a few years now, Tatutrad S.L. has been part of Elia, the European Language Industry Association which represents and promotes the interests of the language industry, and which brings together numerous translation companies, freelance translators and institutions from across Europe.

Since day one of this new collaboration, Tatutrad has participated in various events organised by Elia, including the three editions of ND Focus: Elia’s focus on Project Management, in Barcelona, Prague and Porto, and the 22nd edition of Elia’s Networking Days, held in Vienna in 2018.

At the ND Focus event in Malaga, which was aimed at sales managers, CEOs and representatives from communications and marketing teams, among others, our participation took on a slightly different meaning.


In December 2018, Tatutrad and other European language services companies participated in Elia’s new event that focused on sales and marketing.

Elia chose the Andalusian city of Malaga as the meeting point for those professionals with a passion for sales and marketing, providing language services to the world.

As Elia’s local partner, the team behind Tatutrad was responsible for organising a lot of the event, mainly due to to our location.

Tatutrad, and in particular, Lidya Gallego and Héctor Manrique, were responsible for organising the welcome drinks, which took place on December 5 at La Cocotte, where the attendees enjoyed a magical feast, with cocktails and dishes with influences from Peruvian, Asian and Vietnamese cuisine. This was undoutebdly the best way to kick off the European conference dedicated to sales and marketing.

Tatutrad was also responsible for the tourism guide found the event website.

“A day tour of Malaga: a brilliant city in every sense” was the title of the guide put together by Tatutrad for all those visiting Malaga for the first time who wanted to get lost in the magical streets of the capital of the Costa del Sol.

As well as pointing the attendees to the most emblematic places and monuments of the city, the guide also included numerous recommendations, such as restaurants and events taking place at the same time as Elia’s ND Focus event.

Of couse, we also highlighted the Christmas lights. The Christmas lights in Malaga, in Calle Larios, to be exact, have become a cultural reference point across Spain.

The lights were switched on on November 30, so the professional translators, translation companies and sales and marketing team managers got to see them.

Numerous translation companies, professional translators, advertising and marketing agencies, and even video game translation companies travelled to Malaga to analyse the new and future priorities of language industry professionals who also deal with the ins and outs of sales and marketing.

The programme of the second edition of ND Focus — Elia’s focus on Sales & Marketing was designed so that the attendees ran through the different phases of new customer acquisition. From the creation of attractive marketing content to the promotion of sales activities, and the use of negotiating tools to close a deal each time you are faced with a potential customer.

Françoise Bajon, president of Elia in 2011 and co-founder of Version Internationale, a well-known and respected translation and localization company in France, invited all the attendees to enjoy the opportunity to learn and the debates that surfaced from the analysis of different practical examples in Malaga and particularly the emblematic setting where the event was held, as well as to meet new industry colleagues and reunite with old acquaintances.

On December 7, Jonathan Bowring, found of Riversight, led the conference’s two plenary sessions where he put us in the customer’s shoes to analyse the different sales strategies used, as well as determining their suitability for our sales objective.

The networking session was one of the highlights of the event.

There, Lidya and Hector, who were representing Tatutrad, had the opportunity to share experiences and anecdotes with the audiovisual translation companies and localization companies that they met, and even align objectives and create synergies with institutions dedicated to internationalization and exports.

Are you responsible for sales and marketing in your company? Are you thinking about internationalizing your services to enter other markets?

If the answer is yes, this is your chance to speak to the team behind Tatutrad and share your concerns and doubts with us.

Get in touch and we’ll help you gain visibility in other international markets!

Alejandro Rodríguez Martín – https://www.linkedin.com/in/alejandrotatutrad/