Let’s do a small exercise. Think of five companies that sell products. Got them? Now think how many of them use the internet as a sales channel. Four out of five? All of them? If you’re part of an e-commerce company, keep reading this post to find out how the professional translators here at Tatutrad can help you sell anywhere in the world. 

Never before were there so many e-commerce (or electronic commerce) companies, nor was there such high demand for this service. Nowadays you can pretty much buy anything over the internet. That’s why any company wanting to commercialize its products should include e-commerce in its strategic plans. And what’s more, if you want to export internationally, you should turn to professional translators so that your prospective clients can understand and discover the content on offer. 

We’re on the same page when we say that electronic commerce is not “setting up an internet shop” or having a website. Having a simple and attractive e-commerce platform is key, as is a varied and original product catalogue, a quick and effective customer care service, complementary applications, and a secure email system, among other things. That said, what use is all this if we want to expand our commercial horizons and address foreign users who can’t understand our website content because it is only available in English? We’ll have failed in our attempt to transmit an international, trustworthy and familiar image. 

If the content of a web page is not in their language, many users will resort to free online applications such as Google Translate. Although these applications do offer free and immediate translations of English texts into nearly any language, the quality of the results is questionable, as is the professionalism. Investing in translation is investing in the future as having a fully operational platform in other languages enables you to build trust and reassurance and offer facilities to potential customers. A small initial investment in the translation of your e-commerce services will mean a large return on investment in the future. 

Offer you customers quality and convenience with Tatutrad. As translators, we don’t just take care of the linguistic aspects of your content; we’re also expert cultural advisors. That’s because, in international e-commerce, it’s not just linguistic differences but also cultural differences that come into play. To give a few examples, we offer advice on aspects such as measuring units and currency conversion, or the use of particular colours or images that may have negative connotations for users in other countries; the adaptation of texts to internationalize the content and avoid local references; or the localization of multimedia content (videos with subtitles, audio, etc.). Whether you need to translate your content or adapt it to an international market, we can help. 

You don’t need to work in a multinational like Amazon or Asos to implement an international e-commerce strategy in your company. Here at Tatutrad, we help you offer your services in several languages in a simple, professional and personalized manner. Simply indicate the language pairs of your translation and the deadline, and then send us the documents so that we can estimate the number of words and offer you a personalized quote. 

You may be asking yourself how a company based in Seville, Spain, can help your sales reach any corner of the world. It’s true that in our central office we mainly translate from English into Spanish and from other European languages (such as German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Catalan, Galician, Basque, etc.) into Spanish. However, if you need assistance as part of international e-commerce, we collaborate with a large network of translators who translate from English into any language you might need. 

With over 10 years’ experience, we can help you speak the language of your customers whenever you need to translate any of the following types of text: 

– Websites, mobile applications or software programs 

– Product catalogues and technical specifications 

– Privacy policies/cookies and disclaimers 

– Newsletters 

– Social media content 

– Advertising and marketing campaigns 

– Periodic stock updates and information 

– SEO 

Whatever you sell—fashion, emerging technologies, motor vehicles, aircraft, medicine, food or machinery—, investing in the translation of your e-commerce services will undoubtedly translate into greater visibility and confidence on the part of the user, and higher return on investment for you. Trust Tatutrad to make you image and sales reach any corner of the world. Opt for the translation of e-commerce content.