Anyone who has used Google Translate (who hasn’t!) will know that, although it’s a tool that can come in handy when figuring out the meaning of a text, it also offers results of a more questionable quality. You’ve probably realised that the translations are often confusing, incorrect or outright impossible to make heads or tails of. As we will see in this article, this online tool can’t be compared to the services provided by a professional translator. 

Google Translate is a service that, in the field of translation, is known as a “machine translation tool”. These tools differ from online dictionaries (such as the WordReference dictionary, for example) in that they are not limited to providing the translation of individual words, but rather allow you to translate complete phrases or even whole paragraphs. Another example of machine translation is the DeepL translator, a very new service similar to Google Translate which promises “the world’s best machine translation”. 

They are also different to tools such as Linguee, a service which uses texts in several languages as a reference to show you how a word or phrase has been previsouly translated in documents published online. All these tools use software and technology to translate from one language to another. 

So, why not use these services? At the end of the day, don’t they offer all the advantages of a free translator? Although huge steps forward are being made in this area, we still haven’t succeeded in enabling a machine to replace a human. We must therefore ask ourselves the following, what can human intervention offer that technology can’t? 

Machine translation tools, especially those that are free, are still a long way off from what we call “artificial intelligence”. Technology is based on algorithms and input data, but it lacks a key element for a quality service: the human element. This undoubtedly affects the results of translation. 

Of course, here at Tatutrad, we are up to date with all the tools and software than can assist us in our work, but ultimately, this work is undertaken by a professional translator. 

Imagine that you need to translate a document from Spanish into English and you want a high-quality professional text. Such a tool would give you completely different results to a translation company like Tatutrad. These are the advantages that you’ll benefit from if you use our services for the professional translation of your documents and texts: 

1. Register and style. Machine translation tools do not offer “natural” texts because they are not capable of understanding all the aspects of a document: the audience it was designed for, the format of the publication, the image and style of a brand, etc. 

Translating an advertising slogan for a brand of soft drinks is not the same as translating a document for an official organisation. Both the register and style of these texts are completely different. At Tatutrad, we use the resources necessary to ensure we are aware of all these elements and put them into practice to obtain the most faithful translation possible. This includes making sure that we use the exact terminology required by our clients, as well as using a style and register that are in line with what they want to transmit. 

Whether a corporate document, a web page or the translation of a video, here at Tatutrad we understand the requirements of each text and reflect them in our translations. 

2. Adaptation. Just as each client has different needs, in many instances texts require a degree of adaptation to the target audience. This can entail the use of specific language variants or adapting content to specific markets. 

For example, British English is different to American English, and furthermore, there are normally a series of significant cultural differences between the source text language and the language being translated into. For example, different advertising strategies are used to sell a product in Spain and the United Kingdom. 

Therefore, in the case of a professional translation from Spanish into English in the advertising sector, the translation would also need to be adapted to the new audience. A machine translation tool is not able to identify these subtle differences and reflect them in the translation. 

3. Customer care. How can you know the exact requirements of a translation? It’s very simple: here at Tatutrad, we put our customers first and offer a personalised service. Our translation agency listens to our clients, understands their needs and offers a service in line with their expectations. 

A translation tool can translate word for word, but it can never talk to clients, offer them different opinions and work alongside them to understand their needs and requirements. 

4. Quality. Lastly, all these factors converge in one thing: quality. By considering these factors, Tatutrad is able to offer high-quality results. And although our translation company is based in Seville, Spain, there’s no need to visit our office in person to make use of our services: thanks to new technologies and the extent to which our world is driven by ICT, we can provide you with high-quality professional services online. 

Needless to say, at Tatutrad we don’t dismiss new technologies or the need to complement our work with useful and necessary IT tools. But, as you can see, we add value that machine translation tools are not yet able to deliver. We use our knowledge, experience and professionalism to offer you the best translation service there is. You just need to put your trust in us.