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Today, we’re going to look at why translating a website in this day and age is important.

Website translation is becoming more and more important thanks to globalization. Having local and national presence is key, but to keep growing, you need to open the door to the international market. And what’s the best way to make your web page visible internationally? Counting on a team of professional translators.

With people spending more time each day on the internet, the need to make your content accessible to an ever-growing audience from different countries has increased significantly. Translating your website is an investment that allows you to expand your market and get customers in many countries worldwide.

Here, we’ve picked the 3 most important points that you should consider if you’re thinking about translating your web:

  1. Translating your website is an investment

Although more and more people are realising that translating their website is a must, there are still a lot of web pages out there that use machine translation.

Automatically translating a web page for free might seem like an attractive option, but this practice isn’t widely recommended; it poses a serious risk to your company’s image and doesn’t guarantee the quality of the finished product.

There are examples in the news of just how disastrous a bad translation can be, such as the launch of Amazon’s Swedish website. Several product descriptions appear to have been translated using machine translation, with Calvin Klein trunks, for example, being listed as “men’s luggage space”, while other descriptions saw “rape” (as in rapeseed) translated into Swedish as “rape/sexual assault”.

Examples such as these really hammer home the importance of counting on a professional translator who not only has the necessary linguistic competence, but also the cultural competence to avoid possible cultural errors.

A translation agency knows exactly how to translate a web page and the result will allow you to project a more professional image and gain credibility.

  •  Translate your website optimized for SEO

Get the most out of your investment. As we’ve already mentioned, translating is more than receiving words in a language such as Spanish and transferring them to English; rather it is a process in which cultural factors must be considered. What’s more, in the case of web pages, taking the positioning of your web into account is crucial.

A professional web page translator gives you the option of implementing an SEO (search engine optimization) strategy, whereby keywords are used to improve the positioning of your website, including the translated version.

This is an enormous advantage, as a website translation that doesn’t include keywords would make the page less visible, therefore reducing its impact and your chances of expanding your business and generating more traffic.

  • Improve your image and build trust

Translating your web allows you to open the door to other countries and offer the content in your visitors’ language. If the web page content is adapted not only to linguistic conventions, but also to the tone or format expected by the user, you’re likely to form a closer relationship with them, allowing you to build trust, as well as project a more professional image.

However, you need to bear in mind the graphic elements on the page. If users find a high-quality translation, they’ll spend more time on the web, which has a positive impact on the positioning of your page.

Don’t jeopardise your image! Count on a professional translator from day one. Here at Tatutrad, we have a team of translation professionals with extensive experience in translating web page. We have the necessary linguistic skills in the languages you require for your translation, and we also carry out quality assurance checks that ensure an optimal result.

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Translate your web page, let the world know who you are.