Quality Policy

Tatutrad is a company dedicated to providing quality translation services and as such, we have decided to implement a quality management system in line with the ISO 17100:2015 standard in order to improve the service we provide to our clients

Tatutrad’s management has chosen to organise the company’s processes by introducing a quality management system based on the following principles:

  • Quality and continuous improvement are the responsibility of all members of the company, starting from the top.
  • Providing a quality service depends on the qualifications and capabilities of the translators, revisors, proof-readers, translation project managers and other professionals involved, and ensuring that their qualifications are kept up to date.
  • The requirements for handling clients’ quotation requests, viability studies, the agreement between TATUTRAD and the client, preparing a translation project and the administrative tasks and technical aspects to consider when creating a project all form a vital part of the translation process.
  • TATUTRAD aims to achieve complete client satisfaction through providing a quality service in all its interactions with its clients, whether in the service agreement which outlines the project’s specificities, the communication of any possible modifications, complaints and comments, offering client satisfaction evaluations or in the delivery and follow-up of the project.
  • Quality is assured through continuously improving the service we provide and the effectiveness of our quality management system in anticipating errors.
  • Quality means that we carefully monitor technological advances and implement any improvements that are made possible thanks to new technologies.
  • Quality is only achieved through the participation and collaboration of everyone at TATUTRAD, so this policy is communicated to all members of our team as well as to anyone involved in any of our processes to ensure that they fully understand and are familiar with it.
  • TATUTRAD’s management is fully committed to protecting the environment and as such, the organisation’s policies are aimed at reducing waste and the consumption of resources as much as possible.
  • The management strives to ensure a good working environment for all and it understands that the level of the employees’ involvement in the company is directly linked to their satisfaction.

It is absolutely essential that we count on the support and commitment of both the management and the workforce for these principles to be effectively and successfully applied.

Tatutrad management

Seville, 26 May 2020