Video games

Today, video games move the most money in the entertainment industry, ahead of music, film and television.

There are hundreds of small businesses and freelancers who create this type of content, and we’re delighted to offer a helping hand so that these products reach international markets.

How do we achieve this? It’s all thanks to our two pillars:

Knowledge and experience. Our qualified translators are trained by professionals in the video game industry who know everything that goes into creating a video game, from the user interface to the more technical details such as variables.

Technological excellence. We can help you internationalize your game so that it can be translated into any language, without running into any issues associated with character coding or space limitation. We will also work with the format that is most comfortable for you, meaning that there’s no need for you to waste time converting files.

We can tackle any genre (RPG, shoot ’em up, puzzles, platforms, and so on) and platform (desktop, PC, mobile devices).

Shoot down language barriers and market your video game on global platforms!

What can we help you with?

Translation of in-game texts


Content update (live ops)

Interpreting at fairs

Translation of user interfaces

Translation of scripts for dubbing

Translation of technical support communications

Interpreting at events

Translation of promotional material


Translation of new content in patches and DLC

Interpreting at business meetings

Translation of presentation texts for online platforms

Translation of packaging

Multilingual content creation

Telephone interpreting

Translation of subtitles

Translation of user agreements

Multilingual management of social networks

Interpreting at interviews



English (UK)




Español (España)

English (USA)




Español (Latinoamérica)

Spanish (Spain)



Español (Internacional)

Spanish (Latin America)

Portuguese (Portugal)



Spanish (International)

Portuguese (Brazil)


Other services that may interest you

Advice and consultancy


Creative translation (transcreation)



Marketing translation

Legal translation

Translation of subtitles

Translation of video games

Translation of scripts

Translation of software and apps


Our credentials in the sector

Post-graduate specialist qualification in Video Games Translation from the Higher Institute of Linguistic Studies and Translation (ISTRAD, Seville)
More than 200 games translated for different platforms

Feral Interactive values our knowledge of video games for their translations

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