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About the service

This service involves performing linguistic and functional tests on a product that has been previously translated, is to be translated or has text in any language and requires a series of technical checks carried out by qualified personnel.

How can we help you?

Our professional testers are specialists in carrying out linguistic and functional tests on products such as mobile apps, software or computer programs, video games and websites.

What to expect

This service involves several stages. First, the tester is responsible for detecting and correcting possible errors related to the localization and language that may affect the working of the video game, website, app or software (LQA).

The second phase involves checking the functionality of the product (FQA). This means ensuring that the internal and external links work, that all the buttons fulfil their function, that there are no strange characters, and so on. The final phase assesses the playability, browsing experience, usability or accessibility of the product.

How you benefit

Have an end product which is fully adapted to the market where it will be marketed.

Ensure that there are no faults which affect the function or purpose it was designed for.

Capture and retain new customers from foreign markets.

Increase reliability as a brand and stand out from the competition.

Provide value to the client by considering their specific needs.

Available technology

Artificial intelligence

Smart quality control

Language management technology

Terminology management technology

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