Public administration and justice

The public sector deals with numerous documents that need to be translated for a range of procedures by either organisations or members of the public.

The translation of these documents is particularly complex as any errors, omissions or slight changes to the meaning could be problematic. Procedures may be delayed, there may be red-tape issues or courts may give a ruling based on the wrong information.

The same issues may arise in police stations or during trials involving sensitive matters such as robbery, assault or violence. In such instances, those involved must be able to communicate effectively, overcoming any language barriers to protect their rights.

Furthermore, numerous procedures, both nationally and internationally, require certified translations of documents. In Spain, sworn translators are accredited by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and are authorised to certify that a translation is true to the original.

That’s why our professionals have comprehensive training in this field, as well as relevant qualifications and extensive experience. You can rest assured that any legal process you find yourself involved in will not not hindered by a lack of understanding between you and public bodies.

What can we help you with?

Sworn translation of wills

Sworn translation of academic degrees and certificates

Translation of administration exams

Interpreting at civil marriages

Sworn translation of marriage certificates

Translation of fines

Translation of bureaucratic administration documents

Interpreting in administration courts

Sworn translation of divorce certificates

Translation of letters from foreign governments

Sworn interpreting before notaries

Sworn translation of family registers

Translation of curricula vitae

Interpreting for police procedures

Sworn translation of birth certificates

Translation of sentences

Interpreting in court


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Other services that may interest you

Advice and consultancy

Legal translation

Sworn translation


Courtroom interpreting

Financial translation

Interpreting for police procedures

Sworn interpreting in courts and tribunals

Telephone interpreting

Our credentials in this sector

Certified translators accredited by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation

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