hacer practicas de grado de traduccion en Tatutrad

Technical Translation and its Challenges

As we discussed in our previous post on technical translation, the translation of technical documentation, such as instruction manuals and procedures, instructions for use, etc., is one of the most frequently requested services in specialised translation companies and, specifically, here at Tatutrad.  Defined as one of the branches of specialised translation, technical translation is characteristic […]

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Tatutrad Partners with WPML: Translate your Website at the Touch of a Button and Reach International Markets

We couldn’t wait any longer! The time has come to tell you about our latest collaboration with one of the most important WordPress plugins around today. We were receiving more and more queries from clients about how to quickly and cost effectively translate their WordPress websites. So, to simplify the process, we’re partnering with WPML, […]

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interpretación telefónica

Spoken Interpreter: Telephone Interpretation

On today’s blog post we’d like to take a further look at the specific interpretation services on offer at Tatutrad. In earlier posts, such as The Different Modes of Interpretation, we introduced the basic concepts of interpretation. We’ve also spoken about cultural knowledge in commercial interpretation, awkward interpretation situations in sport, medical interpretation in hospitals […]

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como crear una estrategia de contenidos multi idioma para su negocio

Multilingual Content Strategy: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

“What is a multilingual content marketing strategy and why should my business have one?” “How could I implement this type of strategy?” “Who could advise me?” These are just some of the most frequently asked questions by companies looking to expand their horizons, but that are unaware of the value of multilingual content. Don’t worry, […]

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que es la posedicion en el mundo de la traduccion profesional

Looking to the Future: Artificial Intelligence and Post-Editing

We are often asked how web pages dedicated to translating documents for free affect us as professional translators. It’s true that many people use free online translation to save themselves the cost of hiring a professional translator, but… is it really worth it? Did you know that there is an alternative? In today’s post we […]

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La traducción literaria

Literary Translation

Perhaps one of the most well-known fields of translation is literary translation, but do you know what we mean when we refer to this branch of professional translation?  Literary translation falls under the umbrella of editorial translation, which encompasses the translation of all types of publishable documents: books on various topics, magazines, etc. Literary translation, […]

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lenguas que se hablan en españa

Languages Spoken in Spain

With a population of 47.35 million inhabitants, different languages are spoken in Spain, both official and dialectal languages, and foreign languages (the latter predominantly among the immigrant population).  Índice de contenido1 Official languages of Spain 1.1 Spanish or Castilian 1.2 Catalan 1.3 Galician 1.4 Basque 1.5 Aranese 2 Minority languages in Spain 3 Foreign languages spoken in Spain  Official languages of Spain  […]

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