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About the service

Tatutrad is committed to offering the highest quality, and our comprehensive review service ensures that our client projects always deliver just that.

Our review service consist of assessing the suitability of a translation against the original text or evaluating a monolingual text in terms of the linguistic, terminology and style practices of the language in which it is written.

What we review

Whether we have translated your material or whether it is already in your native language or any other language and you would like it reviewed, Tatutrad has a team of professional reviewers and proofreaders and the necessary tools and resources to effectively and thoroughly review anything you want.

What to expect

Our professional reviewers and proofreaders will go over your documents with a fine-tooth comb: they will carry out spelling and grammar checks to ensure that the appropriate language conventions are respected and that there aren’t any typos or mistakes; they will look for possible punctuation errors or errors in numbers, measurement units, years, dates, quantities and symbols; and they will ensure that the text is coherent and consistent and that, if there previously compiled glossaries or reference documents, the correct terminology has been used. Care is also taken to ensure that the style is consistent throughout the text.

How you benefit

Ensure the highest quality for your documents and materials, with a careful use of language and style that adapts to the specific purpose the texts were originally written for. We make sure that the translations are free from errors so you can be certain that they meet all the terminology, typography, spelling and grammar requirements. All this is thanks to our eagle-eyed team of professional reviewers and proofreaders who pick up on even the smallest details. Your documents are a written reflection of you, so why leave this task to inexperienced reviewers?

Available technology

Artificial intelligence

Smart quality control

Language management technology

Terminology management technology

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