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About the service

At Tatutrad, we are committed to offering quality on all our projects. Therefore, we have a comprehensive review service that guarantees that everything that passes through our hands will always be of the highest quality for our customers.

The review service consists of assessing the suitability of the translation against its original text or evaluating a monolingual text regarding the linguistic, lexical and stylistic rules of the language in which it is written.

What we review Whether we have been in charge of carrying out the translation of your material, or if you already have material in your native language or in any other language that you would like us to review, at Tatutrad, we have a team of professional reviewers and proof-readers, as well as the tools and means necessary to carry out an effective and thorough review of everything you want.

What you can expect from this service

Our professional reviewers and proof-readers will review any documents down to the smallest detail. They will perform orthographic and grammatical checks to ensure that the appropriate linguistic conventions of the language are respected and there are no misprints or mistakes of a similar nature. They will look for possible punctuation errors or errors with figures, measurement units, years, dates, quantities, and symbols. They will also ensure that the coherence and

cohesion of the text has always been maintained and that (in the case of previously redacted glossaries or documents) the terminology contained in the client’s reference material is used. In addition, care is taken to ensure that the client’s unique style is consistently used throughout the text.

How you can benefit from this service

Ensure that your documents and materials are of the highest quality, expressed in a carefully chosen language and style that adapts to the specific purpose they were written for. We make sure that the translations are free of any errors so you can be certain that they meet all terminology, typography, orthography and grammar standards. All this thanks to our eagle-eyed professional team of reviewers and proof-readers who never fail to pick up on even the tiniest detail. Your documents are a written reflection of you, so why would you ever leave this task to inexperienced or non-expert reviewers?

Technology available for this type of translation

Artificial intelligence

Smart quality control

Language management technology

Terminology management technology

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