These two closely related sectors usually consist of critically important documents and products, which require a high level of accuracy so that the final result meets the client’s expectations and poses no threat to general health.

Translation plays a crucial role in this process. For example, writing errors in the package insert of a medicine or ambiguous phrases could lead to serious consequences. In the same way, a clinical trial performed by a foreign hospital cannot be translated by a person who does not have absolute control of the language in which it was written.

Two main factors set us apart from the rest. We are language professionals, and, in addition, we have extensive training in the medical and pharmaceutical field, so you will not have to worry about complex medical concepts. We will translate them for you!

In addition, we provide added technological value. We have the largest library of professionally-validated Spanish medical resources in the health sector, so that all the content we create for you will conform to the required standards. Finally, our quality control tools guarantee that no mistakes with measurements or figures will slip through the net, no matter what measuring system you use.

Our interpreters can offer an interpreting and support service tailored to your needs so that you can provide the best service to foreign patients visiting your medical facilities. Our professional interpreters can accompany patients in tests, consultations and examinations, so that all communication is clear and both parties can make informed decisions.

What can we help you with?

Translation of web pages dedicated to the health and pharmaceutical sector

Translation of medical products

Translation of wellness and health apps

Translation of packaging and medicine leaflets

Translation of pharmaceutical product documents

Translation of pharmaceutical contracts

Translation of medical equipment documents

Translation of clinical trials

Translation of informative documents

Translation of academic articles

Translation of pharmaceutical patents

Translation of medical records

Translation of medical reports

Translation of medical equipment instruction manuals

Interpreting at hospitals and clinics

Interpreting and patient support

Telephone interpreting for the patient

Languages we work with


Spanish (Spain)

Spanish (Latin America)

Spanish (International)




Portuguese (Portugal)

Portuguese (Brazil)













Services that may interest you

Advice and consultancy

Bio-sanitary translation

Translation of websites

Software translation

Technical translation

Legal translation



Telephone interpreting

Interpreting at hospitals and clinics

Our credentials in the sector

Our quality is endorsed by the Expert in Translation in Specialized Contexts Certificate: Health Sciences, Food and Agriculture

Our professionals are Master’s professors on the Master’s of Specialized Translation (Bio sanitary) at the Higher Institute of Linguistic Studies and Translation.

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