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We all agree that comfort and customer satisfaction are the top priority in the hospitality and catering sectors. But where and when does the client start to communicate with your hotel or restaurant?

The first contact is probably through an introductory text, whether this appears written on a platform or a website. At that precise moment, communication begins with the client. It is crucial to make them aware of every service you can offer them.

Therefore, communication should always be as fluid, friendly and simple as possible, beginning with a suitable translation into the target language. However, in order to stand out from the rest of the competition, not just any translation will do. How many times have we seen restaurant menus and descriptions of accommodation translated by machines with laughable results? How long do we continue on a web page we can’t understand properly before clicking on the next search engine result?

If the customer feels that not enough has been invested in quality translations, they will not trust your product or service. Translation is especially important in the catering industry, where you can have problems with certain cultures and religions if you do not clearly indicate what ingredients each dish contains.

Therefore, it is of crucial importance that you have professional translators with experience in this sector to make your product or service shine in other languages and be easy for your customers to understand. At Tatutrad we can help you achieve this goal. We work for the most important hotel chains in the world and have helped leading restaurants in Spain to reach foreign audiences thanks to a professional and quality translation service.

What can we help you with?

Translation of your web page

Translation of your booking system

Translation of your catalogue

Translation of menus

Translation of promotional material and advertisements

Logistic support in assembly of interpreting booths for congresses and events

Interpreting at organized events at the hotel facilities

Subtitling and dubbing promotional videos

Translation of communication with clients

Escort interpreting

Interpreting at meetings

Interpreting telephone calls

Services that may interest you

Advice and consultancy

Translation of websites

Creative translation (copywriting)

Marketing translation

Translation of subtitles

Translation of contracts

Interpreting for the tourism sector

Content creation (copywriting)

Interpreting at events and meetings

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The hotel group Núñez i Navarro is a valued customer.

The restaurant Alevante Ángel León has worked with us.

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