tradiciones de pascua en el mundo

How is Easter Celebrated Around the World?

We can already taste the chocolate!  Each year, one of the most important Christian festivals takes place in either March or April: Easter. Celebrations take place over the course of a week to mark Jesus Christ’s resurrection three days after his crucifixion; hence, Easter is only celebrated in countries with Christian traditions. And while it’s […]

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qué idioma se habla en suiza

What Language is Spoken in Switzerland?

In Switzerland, a small mountainous country in Central Europe known for its ski stations, banks, watches and chocolate, there are four official languages: German, French, Italian and Romansh.  The fact that German, French and Italian are spoken in Switzerland should be of no surprise given that the country borders Germany, France and Italy. Romansh, however, […]

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diferencias entre lengua y dialecto

What is the Difference Between a Language and a Dialect?

When explaining the differences between a language and a dialect, many doubts and differing opinions arise. This range of opinions stems mainly from historical and political aspects, and not so much from the linguistic aspect, which is what we shall focus on in this post. Let’s start by looking at the Oxford Dictionary definitions of […]

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