The Importance of Cultural Knowledge in Business Interpreting

In today’s post, we’re going to reveal just how important it is for interpreters to have a good understanding of the culture of the parties in a cross-cultural business relationship. Interpreters are essential figures. Their knowledge about the countries the different parties are from will help make the negotiation as fruitful as possible. More and […]

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interprete de lengua de signos

Sign Language Interpreters: A Key Figure at Events

Like other language service providers, Tatutrad offers the typical translation and interpretation services. But did you know that we also provide services of a different nature, such as sign language interpretation? And that makes us the best option for your business. In this blog post we’re going to focus on sign language. We’ll explain how […]

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The Different Modes of Interpretation

Although it may not seem so at first, we’re surrounded by interpreters. Radio interviews, sports press conferences, emergency announcements from foreign governments, entertainment shows… We’ve all seen interviews where a sportsperson can’t make head or tail of the question and the journalist doesn’t understand the answer… How many times have you thought they could do […]

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interpretación telefónica

Spoken Interpreter: Telephone Interpretation

On today’s blog post we’d like to take a further look at the specific interpretation services on offer at Tatutrad. In earlier posts, such as The Different Modes of Interpretation, we introduced the basic concepts of interpretation. We’ve also spoken about cultural knowledge in commercial interpretation, awkward interpretation situations in sport, medical interpretation in hospitals […]

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como es trabajar en una agencia de traducción profesional

Interpretation in Business Meetings

Have you ever stopped to think just how useful a professional interpreter can be in the world of business? Thanks to globalization, doing business internationally is becoming easier, but there are times when you won’t get by with knowing little English.  For every situation, there’s a type or technique of interpretation. Although we’ve already mentioned […]

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Diferencias entre la traducción y la interpretación

Differences Between Translation and Interpretation

Many people use the terms translation and interpretation interchangeably, particularly when talking about “simultaneous translation”, when, in reality, the correct term would be “simultaneous interpretation”. But are there really that many differences between translation and interpretation? Interpretation or translation  The main difference between interpretation and translation is that an interpreter orally transmits spoken language, while […]

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los traductores profesionales en el mundo del deporte

Awkward Interpretation Situations in Sport

Is there any sector that is more international than the world of sport? World cups, the signing of athletes from other countries, European competitions, negotiations… How many times have you seen elite athletes in front of the mic attempting to unsuccessfully express themselves in a language they don’t master and journalists desperately trying to make […]

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