¿en qué consiste el voice-over? te lo contamos en tatutrad.net

What is Voice-Over?

No doubt you’ve watched a documentary or news programme and heard the presenter’s original voice in the background and a superimposed voice in your language. Bingo! This technique is called ‘voice-over’. In today’s post, we’re going to explain what it’s all about, its main function and what sets it apart from other similar audiovisual techniques. […]

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Professional Translators: The Winning Formula for Subtitling Videos

In previous posts we’ve talked about the world of audiovisual translation, where the most practical applications are dubbing and subtitling. Today we’re going to focus on the latter, and more specifically, on subtitles for videos. Spoiler alert: for subtitles to be correct, you really do need a good subtitler from an agency or translation company […]

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subtítulos para sordos

Accessibility in Audiovisual Content: Subtitling for the Deaf

Although we’ve already spoken about subtitling and audiovisual translation in previous posts, here we’re going to concentrate on audiovisual accessibility and subtitling for deaf people, and why it’s important to turn to professionals, like our team here at Tatutrad. Have you ever considered how important accessibility is in cinema, television and, in short, the audiovisual […]

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